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Managed IT services

Managed IT services go beyond the basic support of servers, computers and printers. Our focus is to offer customers innovative solutions that provide stability, efficiency, security and peace of mind for their business.

At e-Lab we are focused on a proactive, non-reactive service to manage our clients' networks and equipment. We carry out preventive maintenance tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis to reduce disasters and mitigate the cost of an emergency on equipment. Instead of reacting to a disaster, we work hard to prevent it.

Some of the preventive and proactive routines that we carry out are:

Verification of local and cloud backups
Monitoring slowness of the server and workstations
Periodic verification of errors and warnings in the servers
Automation of solutions to known problems
Installation of updates to the operating system and software installed on servers and workstations
Firewall and network traffic monitoring
Analysis of risks in the network and equipment
Security assessments and audits to ensure compliance
And much more to prevent disasters or emergencies